2020 Long table wellness days announced. Come and learn from us!

Hello and how are you today? 

This week we sat down and organised our Long table wellness days for 2020.

Also our last one for 2019 is going to be lots of fun making some festive season gifts. 

 For 2020 fitting in with our schedule we are offering three days for you to come and learn from us. These days are all practical hands on experiences.  Details and ticketing on our web site. 

Dec 1st 2019 

Lets make herbal festive gifts!
I'm so excited to spend the day with you making herbal festive gifts that are healthy and fun!
So we are talking recipes and treats that you can whip up and share with family and friends.
At this workshop you will make your own herbal festive tea blend to gift your loved ones, or brew up in the pot for a festive cuppa!
We will also share some dips, delicious marinades and recipes that are readily prepared and stored to help your Christmas celebrations be relaxed and joyful!

Day includes workshop, recipes, lunch and afternoon relaxation.

Please bring two jars with lids to take home goodies.

Feb 23rd 2020

Making medicinal herbal teas 

Come to our first Long Table Wellness day and learn the low down on making herbal tea at home. Dry herbs? fresh herbs? formulations? what works? what doesn't work? Flavour winners and medicinal applications. Whats a great medicinal herbal tea look like? What are the ratios for effective therapy?

Bring two jars with lids to take home teas.
Day includes tea making, ingredients and also a plant based lunch is provided.

The location is the verandah room at the back of the Maleny community centre located in the main street of Maleny.
Its fun. $70 per person


May 31st 2020

Making medicinal soups at home.

How to make medicinal soups at home! Yes pure medicine in a pot. We are taking soup making to the next level and showing you some great ways to boost immunity, stay healthy and energise your body with home made medicinal soups.
Bring two glass jars with lids to take home goodies.
$70 per person includes ingredients and activities in soup making and a plant based lunch.

August 23rd

Making aroma therapeutic sprays and perfumes. 

Have you wanted to make your own perfumes? Do you want to create some aromatherapeutic perfumes and sprays? This DIY workshop is going to be all about what aromas are therapeutic and why? we make perfumes and sprays to take home and enjoy as body sprays, room sprays and enjoyable aroma therapeutics for all kinds of health benefits.
BYO two small 50ml to 100ml bottles with spray lids please.
2 glass jars with lids to take home goodies.

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Our next Long Table Wellness day is December 1st 2019. 

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$70 per person includes lunch and workshop ingredients and activities 

 Lavender herbal skin balm


You can heal your life with herbs, nutrition and mindset. Be calm, be healthy and have a strong emotional body, strong physical body and an active vibrant mind! We are really happy to help you. 

Have a great day and take care 


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With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  

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