Medicine Room

Wellness Masterclass Sept/oct 2020 Student Kit


This kit is for students doing our Wellness masterclass on seasonal illness and immunity. It is exclusive to them and all herbs are certified organic and come in  sealed bag. ( you need to pop in jars and label at home) 

100 grams dry shitake mushrooms or equal in fresh mushrooms. 

50  grams cats claw dry bark 

50 grams dry echinacea root 

100 grams dry elderberry berries

100 grams fenugreek seeds

1 litre pure medicinal glycerine 

15ml our purifying essential oil blend

50 grams nettle leaf

50 grams chamomile flowers

50 grams thyme leaf

50  grams sage leaf 

50 grams ginger root 

100 grams vitamin C  powder 

Plus 1 x 60 gram ginger balm, 1 x 60 gram lemon myrtle balm for use in course. 

This will be express posted this week. Value of kit is $245 and available for students exclusive deal at $150.00






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