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Dominique's Live training Online Course Metabolism starts September 5TH 2022


Welcome. We are really excited to offer you this course that can change your metabolism and help you achieve optimal metabolic wellness. 

We start on September 5th 2022. Last enrolments now.  Student kits posted one week before the course starts.  

What is this course? 

Online education with practical recipes and medicine making with Dom. We offer four weeks of herbal lessons with videos and notes. Weekly classroom and communication with other students and Dom. 

Who is this course for? Anyone who wants to understand your metabolism and find some personal solutions and practical recipes with herbs. Anyone from beginners to professionals who want to improve your health and longevity, while reducing risk factors for illness. 

We will be doing a metabolic reset on this course over he four weeks starting on week one. Its simple and requires your active participation daily during the course. These techniques will be easily added to your day. 

 Tell me more!Join Dominique Livkamal for this four week online course where you learn all about metabolism, naturopathy and  and how to boost, balance and stay healthy with natural solutions. 

Course covers the major metabolism  herbs and why they are good for you. How do they work in your body and why you want to take these herbs regularly . 

Keeping your metabolism healthy and balanced is a  combination of many factors. You will learn specific details about herbs and the best foods in recipes and meals at home as well as medicine making and which ones work best and when! 

Course includes a weekly facebook private group live classroom every Tuesday evening at 7pm Brisbane time. The class is recorded so students can watch at your leisure later in the week. 

Student kit of specific metabolism herbs to make recipes and medicines. These are Dom's favourite metabolism herbs. You will receive the parcel of your herbs before week one of the course. 

Support and community with like minded students. All assignments are posted in the private facebook group and you will see everyone's  uses of these herbs and learn from each other as well as the course content. 


Weekly videos and course notes are on the course located in Medicineroom web site. There are three modules each week and the time is about three hours per week total for whole course. 

Book now! 

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