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Mushroom gift box with lions mane elixir, shitake and reishi pack


Limited offer with our Mushroom Three pack. 


80 grams organic  raw ganoderma/ reishi mushroom powder for adding to drinks and meals. Simply add 1/4 teaspoon to your meal or drink and mix in. Reishi is traditionally used for boosting immunity and protecting the body, including liver care and auto immune conditions. 

250 grams of shitake mushroom marinated in glycerine and cider vinegar.  These little gems are traditionally added to soups, casseroles and can be added to tapa plates. A new way with an old mushroom. Known as an immune booster and to reduce stress levels this mushroom is a "must eat " winter treat. 

50ml of our super delicious concentrated lions mane, shitake, resihi, cordycep and macqui berry blend. You can add this to herbal teas, water or take a sip as desired for all those health giving benefits of the mushroom spectrum. 

How to use? Add the Reishi powder to drinks and meals as you are about to eat them. Coffee, chocolate, teas. Soups , casseroles. 

Add the shitake marination to your winter meals. Pop a little on your tapas platter and impress your guests! 

Take a sip of the elixir or add it to your herbal tea, smoothie , juice or water bottle. 

Limited as we have small stocks of the Shitake marination. Once this is sold out we are unable to make more. Love Dom 



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