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Herbal first aid kit now!


Herbal first aid kit 

Special offer. Only 7 in stock left over from The Qld garden expo 
Welcome to your herbal first aid kit 
This is a traditional herbalist first aid kit. You just need to add your bandages, compresses and any other items you want! 
Included are some basics and we hope you enjoy adding them to your first aid kit and using them as required. 
1. Arnica, comfrey and lavender herbal skin balm  60 gram  traditionally used for any injuries that involve inflammation or pain. use topically. helps all sore and aching bodies. 

2. Cool spray. 50ml  Traditionally for all kitchen burns, sun burn, minor burns, bites, stings and injuries that need cooling fast. Spray on injury as quickly as possible after injury and then apply every few minutes until it feels good. Also good cooling face spritz for stress relief and heat conditions. 

3. Calendula balm 12grams.Traditionally  cuts, rashes, abrasions and skin conditions where there is broken skin and heat. Cooling and nourishing. Good lip balm for cracking lips and dry skin. 

4. Ginger and Turmeric extraction 30ml .Traditionally for potential infections on skin where there is potential for inflammation. Good on wounds and inflamed skin. 

5. St Johns wort extract 30ml. Traditionally hot skin, sunburn, kitchen burn. Good taken internally for trauma and stress. ( not to be taken when on medications for GP) relaxing and stress relief in emergency. take 5ml with water. 

6. Herbal hand sanitiser. use this to clean wounds, clean hands and as an alcohol swab on injuries to clean. Contains 65% alcohol. 
Valued at $90 we are selling here for $70 Great value to your first aid kit! 

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