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Design your ultimate detox plan! Online wellness Masterclass starts Feb 2021.




This is an online masterclass for four weeks with Dom. You will need access to Facebook for our weekly classroom via a private group.  Each week's online live class is also recorded for those who can't attend and will require about 3 hours of your time per week to complete your hands-on research and practical assignments. 


Round one DISCOUNT OFFER open now - just $100!

Do you get confused by all the detox and cleansing plans around? 

Do you run out of time and wonder how to do a real detox? 

Do you feel unsure that it will work and you will get results? 

Join me and let's get your simple, effective detox cleansing plan in place! You can learn how to: 

Design your ultimate detox 

Do a wholesome vegetarian detox 

Use juice cleansing

Use water fasting 

Understand intermittent cleansing

Take parasite cleanses

Design customised, specific illness cleansing strategies 

Discover ideal herbs for detoxing 

Enjoy delicious detox foods 

Create simple doable plans that will have you feeling energised, vibrant and empowered - all the time!

Start now & book your spot! 

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