Your seasonal flu and immunity kit for 2020. A four week certified course in how to prevent and treat seasonal illnesses with award winning naturopath and herbalist Dominique Livkamal. 
This course covers the major seasonal flu indicators and how to treat them at home with simple, well versed strategies that everyone can access and learn to use. 


SEPTEMBER 2020  full class, next one will be in May 2021. 

What we will cover:

Feel empowered by understanding and knowing how to treat seasonal  cold, cough and flu symptoms at home with herbs, foods and simple naturopathic therapies. 
Be confident to help your family this spring with a kitchen full of helpful, simple and easily sourced food and herbs that help keep everyone healthy. 
Understand how foods can change your body and assist wellness.
Learn how to use herbs specifically for each system and each symptom
Be clear on how your immunity works. 
Strengthen and boost your immunity 
Understand your upper respiratory system and how it works 
Know how to cure yourself of hayfever, sinus and head colds. 
Cook the best foods to help allergies and upper respiratory issues
Learn my  top herbs for seasonal illnesses
Make some simple home remedies for sinus and head colds. 
Have a  clear  understanding of your lower respiratory system. 
Keep your lungs in good health 
Know how to  reduce and cure your coughs 
Learn how to keep your lungs healthy 
Understand the best foods to eat for lung conditions
Learn about my top  herbs for lung conditions 
Understand why you should never avoid a sore throat! 
How to treat fevers and recover well  
The best herbs, foods and strategies  for  seasonal flu headache relief
Pain and inflammation care for the flu  
Get your home kitchen flu kit ready 
Is your pantry packed with our best foods and herbs 
Understand how you can help recognise the signs of the flu 
Learn how to treat your family with simple home remedies 
Know when to refer to a Doctor or medic for treatment 
Learn other therapies to ease symptoms
To fast or not to fast
The importance of controlled eating patterns 
Whats the importance of bed rest 
How to rest properly 
How to recover from the flu steadily 



Orientation week on Facebook and via email September 15th to 19th. All details will be emailed to you. 

Week one  IMMUNITY 

Week 2  Upper Respiratory tract and allergies 

Week  Lungs, coughs, colds, flus 

Week 4  Aches and pains, headaches, other symptoms and therapies.