This is an online masterclass with Dom.  This is a four week online course. Takes about 3 hours each week to make recipes and complete assignments. 
starts Feb 15th 2021
Tickets open at  $150  per person for full course content , classrooms and education. Book now and guarantee your spot for this post festive season cleanse. 

Four weeks online. Includes induction, course content and finalise with prize giveaways for weekly winners. 

A four week certified course in developing your own personal detox plan that works for you! with award winning naturopath and herbalist Dominique Livkamal. 

This course has a facebook group classroom.  We will meet at 7pm QLD time each weds evening for thirty minutes live class and optional 30 minutes questions and open forum on private facebook group page we set up for event. 

An optional online wellness student kit for $130 containing dried herbs and ingredients to help you with your projects. If you have your own ingredients at home you are welcome to use them.  Kit available with orientation info 2 weeks before class. 

Hands on herbal education to empower you in detox planning and application. 
Do you get confused with all the detox and cleansing plans around? 
Do you run out of time and wonder how you can do a decent detox? 
Do you feel unconfident that it will work and you will get results? 
Join me and lets get your detox cleansing plans in place. 
Design your ultimate detox. 
What we cover
Wholesome vegetarian detox 
Juice cleansing
Water fasting 
intermittent cleansing
Parasite cleanses
Specific illness cleansing strategies. 
discover my favourite herbs for detoxing 
Beautiful detox foods 
Simple doable plans that will have you feeling energised, vibrant and empowered.
To complete this course you will need access to Facebook for weekly classrooms and discussions. This is a private group that is open to us only.