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Seasonal Wellness Box


This product has optional subscription or single purchase available. Click your choice when ordering. Options below at check out.

If you choose single buy option here you will receive the current seasons box. 

Winter, Spring, Summer and fall Thats four boxes a year.

Receive your seasonal wellness box four times a year packed with wellness medicine room goodies to help you enjoy each season and meet the seasons wellness objectives. 

Winter is  strength, resistance, quietness and staying warm and staying healthy from the seasonal illnesses. 

Spring is planting the seeds and coming out of the cave! Cleansing and refreshing 

Summer is energy and abundance, staying cool and refreshed 

Fall is the releasing of old patterns, letting go and grounding, boosting and protecting our body. 

Receive a box of surprise goodies for each season.

Make  wonderful recipes ( complete with recipe) 

healing raw organic herbs   

Seasonal herbal tea blend to drink

Herbal elixir/ syrup

herbal body products 

Herbal surprise! 

Our seasonal wellness box will add to your collection of herbals in the kitchen with wonderful remedies and ideas to keep you well and happy. 

Contains over $200 in herbal seasonal goodies 

delivery every 90 days 

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