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Schisandra berry


Common name: Schisandra / Five-flavour berry/ Royal berry 

Botanical name: Schisandra chinensis

Why we love it: Empirical and traditional uses include: 

  • Adaptogenic - useful for reducing stress and balancing the body. 
  • Increases energy and physical stamina while reducing fatigue. 
  • Protective and supportive for liver function due to bitter properties.
  • Powerful antioxidant. 
  • In TCM, Schisandra is known as the herb of youth and beauty. TCM also notes that the five flavours stimulate all five Yin organs - the liver, lungs, heart, kidney and spleen.

Parts used: Schisandra berries

You will receive:

  • 1x packaged product with your choice of organic herbal tea/raw herb
  • Hand weighed and packed  in our dispensary 
  • Please order single or multiple weights as required

Herbs are generally safe for use as teas. Occasionally some herbal tea may be contraindicated to your lifestyle or medications. We advise that you find out if the herbs are safe for you if you are concerned. Please contact us or your health care practitioner as needed.

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