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Online Wellness Adaptogen herbs recipes and medicine. Feb 15th till March 7th 2022


 What is this course? 

Online education with practical recipes and medicine making with Dom. We offer three weeks of herbal lessons with videos and notes. Weekly classroom and lots of fun. 

Who is this course for? Anyone who wants to learn about increasing energy in your body and balancing lifestyle with adaptogen herbs. Anyone from beginners to professionals who want to improve your health and longevity, while reducing risk factors for illness. 


 Tell me more!Join Dominique Livkamal for this three week online course where you learn all about adaptogen herbs and how to use them. 

Course covers the major adaptogen herbs and why they are good for you. How do they work in your body and why you want to take these herbs regularly . 

All adaptogens are not he same and you will learn specific details about how to use them in recipes and meals at home as well as medicine making and which ones work best and when! 

Course includes a weekly facebook private group live classroom. 

Student kit of six specific adaptogen herbs to make recipes and medicines 

Support and community with like minded students. 

Dates Feb 15th to March 7th 2022

Weekly videos and course notes 

Discount code is earlybird$100 is available if you want to take advantage of a $100 discount making  total cost $195.00 with discount. Closing on December 10th 2021 . apply discount code at check!

Book now! 

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