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My Fortitude Tea blend.


My fortitude tea blend. Think armour and building protection in our body in the Autumn , metal season of the year. 

It's all about Autumn leaves falling and us starting to cosy up for the year. The metal element  in traditional Chinese culture and the boosting of our body and strengthening of our fortitude. The Autumn is when the weather turns cooler and we make time to prune the trees, shape up our resilience and get strong and ready for the coming winter season. 

Enjoy My fortitude  tea blend 

Contains echinacea root, elderberry berry, star anise pod, turmeric root, cats claw bark, withania root. I made it for you to enjoy daily during this season. 

60 grams in a glass jar or vacume sealed for your convenience. ( please make a note at check out if you have a preference for packaging) 

This pic is me making the tea for you this week. I love its warming and nurturing taste. The star anise always gives me happiness in a tea blend. Its one of my favourite combos. 

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