Medicine Room

Ylang Ylang Herbal Skin Balm


Ylang Ylang
with Wild Yam & Schisandra berry

Contains 1x Ylang ylang herbal skin balm (60g) in aluminium pack 


  • Youthful & revitalising face and body nourishment
  • Beautiful on sensitive & ageing skin for recovery, balance and radiance
  • Soothing & rejuvenating
  • Toning for silky smooth and radiant skin

Want more than one balm? Buy our three pack and add this to your collection 

Ylang Ylang Herbal Skin Balm from The Medicine Room in Maleny is a premium, all-natural skincare product designed to nourish, protect, and rejuvenate your skin. Formulated with the finest Ylang Ylang essential oil, this herbal balm offers a myriad of benefits for various skin types. Known for its soothing and healing properties, Ylang Ylang helps to balance skin oils, making it ideal for both dry and oily skin conditions. The balm also contains a blend of other organic herbs and natural ingredients, chosen for their potent skin-enhancing qualities. Perfect for everyday use, it can alleviate minor skin irritations, hydrate dry patches, and promote a smooth, glowing complexion. Experience the natural goodness and therapeutic benefits of Ylang Ylang Herbal Skin Balm, a standout product from The Medicine Room in Maleny, where wellness and nature converge.

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