Medicine Room

Ylang Ylang herbal skin balm & nectar set


Ylang Ylang
with Wild Yam & Schisandra berry

Contains 1x Ylang ylang herbal skin balm (60g) + 1x Ylang ylang herbal skin nectar (100ml).

  • Youthful & revitalising face and body nourishment
  • Beautiful on sensitive & ageing skin for recovery, balance and radiance
  • Soothing & rejuvenating
  • Toning for silky smooth and radiant skin


The difference between our balms & nectars?

Our herbal skin balms are formulated with organic herbs, olive and avocado oil extractions with beeswax making them super rich and luscious for full body moisturising and rejuvenation.

Our herbal skin nectars are made using organic herbal extractions from our dispensary with olive oil and coconut emulsifiers making them soft and creamy for quick absorption and deep hydration.

Each herbal skin balm and nectar is made with love using the best quality products we can source from local growers and providers. Our herbal body products are good for everyone, for all skin types, all ages and sensitivities. 

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