Medicine Room

Body products.... Yes I'll take one of everything thanks.


How many times people say this to us! So now we've made it a reality and a doable option. And why not? You deserve to feel loved up and beautiful. 

You deserve that little bit of herbal luxe from Medicine Room. 

Yes this is for the ultimate lover of Medicine Room Body products 

One of each body product in our range 

9 x 100ml herbal skin nectars value $39.90 each ($359.10)

12 x 60 gram herbal skin balms value $27.90 each ($334.80)

3 x 100ml herbal skin oils value $39.90 each ($119.70)

3 x 50ml herbal perfumes value $34.90 each ($104.70)

1 x 500ml herbal hand sanitiser value $34.90 ($34.90)

1 x herbal hand sanitiser 50ml value $13.90 ($13.90) 

Total value $967.10  

Lets round that down to $750 for your beautiful "Yes, I'll take one of everything thanks" 

product comes in a big bundle of eco wrapped love! 

Please make a note at check out who the gift is for and if you want a special note written from you! 



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