Medicine Room

Celebration gift box for special occassions.


This product has optional subscription or single purchase available. Click your choice when ordering. Options below at check out.

This gift box is made especially for you. All year around! Or you can choose our celebration box at the time, ie Christmas, Valentines , Easter!

Buy it once and tell us at check out what you would like , or subscribe and be surprised. 

To choose yourself 

2 x 100ml moisturiser or oils. 

1 x 50ml spray 

1 x 60 gram balm 

Any herbal tea to value of $30 . 

Or ask for a surprise at check out and we will choose for you! 


This gift box comes three times a year and contains celebration herbal products. If you want it to come more often then simply change your subscription to increase its frequency. You are also able to choose specific dates in your subscription, so never miss a celebration again! 

 You get a wonderful surprise and some very nice pressies. We assure you of four body products, One herbal tea and surprises in each box.

Minimum value $170 per box.  If you have received our gift boxes before you know what exceptional value they are. Each gift box is gender neutral and can be enjoyed by everyone. 

The perfect annual gift for those you love. This box is all about the body products and delicious herbal teas. Such a welcome treat in everyones home! 

Collect the boxes and give them to your family, friends and lovers when it's time to celebrate something special. 

Each time you order we send $170 of products to celebrate the beauty of life. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, I love you. Thank you. Easter blessings. 

Please make a note at check out if the box is for yourself? a gift? and tell us if there is anything specific you want in the box? We offer two herbal skin nectars oils or sprays, two herbal skin balms and one herbal tea , plus some lovely surprises 



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