Easter Bliss Gift box available today! Happy Friday!


Hello, firstly Thanks to everyone who purchased our Christmas gift box and our Valentines gift box. During COVID we had to diversify as all micro businesses have done. We usually attend a myriad of festivals and events through the year and this has stopped. When we designed the Gift box at Christmas it was a success and so we did another. We sold out of the Valentines box and we were so grateful as we had made them up in advance with love for you. . So here is our next offering. 

We hope you love it as much as we do? 

 Its only four weeks till Easter, 

To celebrate we have put together another exceptional gift box for you and your loved ones. 

Happy Easter 2021 Here is our $100 Easter Bliss  Gift Box.

Posted to you! Or get us to send to your loved ones! Simply give us their address and details in the note section at check out and we will post on your behalf! 

In collaboration with Eco Bees wrap  we offer you our gift box 

1 x 100ml Bliss herbal skin oil Value $36.95  The combo of organic hemp oil,  marinated herbs and essential oils to create this uplifting and nourishing oil blend. Use for whole body, bath and ideal for sensitive skins. 

1 x 50ml Bliss herbal perfume Value $35.95 This is so popular with our clients we knew you'd love the Bliss collection in our Easter box. Super fruity and uplifting this herbal perfume spray is great for deodorant replacement, perfume replacement and pure aromatherapy. 

1 x 100ml Calendula  herbal skin nectar Value $36.96  We love the combo of Calendula, comfrey, chickweed and mandarin . gentle on skin and ultra hydration for face and body. 

1 x Calendula  herbal skin balm value $25.95 This little beauty goes everywhere with us as its handy, cooling and soothing on the skin. Lip balm , body balm, hand balm and so delightfully fruity with mandarin essential oil. 

2 x Eco Bees wraps value $20 Yes Two specially designed wraps for you to enjoy, wrap your foods and items in these eco friendly wraps hand made in Pomona QLD. 

1 x Easter Calendula tea blend ( exclusive) value $15  We made you a special treat. Calendula herbal tea is so good for digestion after all those chocolates at Easter time. We blended it with fennel to make you a great after meal herbal drink. 

$165 value for $100 plus free freight in Australia. 

All gift wrapped in our box and posted to your door or pick up at Eumundi Markets. We have orange wrapping with a yellow tie! This gift box also features a sticker across the front so you can write a personal message to your loved ones! 

Here is the link if you would like to check them out further


Have a happy Friday! 

So, I'm having a long table wellness day here in the dispensary in Maleny on 21st March and we are also running our four week online Women’s wellness Masterclass starting July 26th. If you can't make it to either of these events, then join me for a free webinar on Women’s Wellness in June.  I'll let you know those dates soon. 

Here are the links to Our Long table wellness day March 21st. $55 each includes workshop, education, herbal teas, elixirs and a vegan lunch. 11am till 2pm. Limited tix in herbal dispensary Maleny.


Our next online 4 week masterclass is Seasonal Illness Masterclass which starts in May. I'm excited to extend on the one we did last year bringing in more herbals and health care solutions to wintertime illnesses. Heres the link. Check it out! 


Whenever you choose to share an educational experience with me we have fun, we learn, we communicate and we don’t miss an opportunity to dive deep on our chosen topic.

Have a great day and take care 

Our online shop has herbal teas, body products and links to our workshops and events.



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With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  

Have a great day . 

Love Dom